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Here's my 2019 in review 0

My 2019 in Review

I’ve seen a lot of people posting about their highlights of 2019, and I thought I should join in the fun. Additionally, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, so it seemed like a...

a tray of football power balls - cookies 0

Football Power Balls for the Big Game

These power balls are shaped like footballs just for the Big, Super Game. They’ll revive you after sitting on the couch for 8 hours and gorging on crap. Or, you can just keep sitting...

Unboxing the GhostPillow during my GhostPillow review 0

My GhostPillow Review: What You Need to Know About This Spooky Bed Accessory

So, I’ve been having some troubles with neck pain while I sleep. I wake up every morning feeling stiff and sore – almost like I’ve been headbanging and rocking out all night. I do...

Children exercising on the beach, jumping 1

Importance of Regular Exercise for Children

Part of the responsibility of being a good parent involves teaching our children good life-long habits. The earlier we teach these habits, and the more regular we are at enforcing those habits, the more...

PICS and VIDEO – Insider’s Perspective – Get a Closer Look at the Set of The Dark Knight Rises 0

PICS and VIDEO – Insider’s Perspective – Get a Closer Look at the Set of The Dark Knight Rises

I was lucky enough to be one of over ten thousand people chosen to be an “unpaid spectator” Saturday at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh for the film The Dark Knight Rises. In case you...

caribe club punta cana 2

Chilling at Caribe Club in Punta Cana

It started as a faint glimmer, but then quickly blossomed into full-fledged desire. Drew and I felt the travel itch. It was time to get away once more. With the pressing weight of a...


5 Ways to Understand the Allure of the USA

While I am not a huge fan of the country, I couldn’t help but miss my homeland while I was abroad. It’s got its problems, but it is still where I was born and...

Should you try the Ellie monthly subscription box? The answer is yes. 0

Should You Subscribe to Ellie? Monthly Subscription Box Review

Hate all of your workout clothes? Tired of looking like a homeless person when you go to the gym? Want to up your Instagram fitness game? Try Ellie! Ellie: The Basics Ellie is a...

A journey across America. 0

Cross-Country Road Trip: An Introduction

The road stretches long before us, winding eternal in some places and stalwartly straight in others. Though I am not behind the wheel, the passenger seat in which I ride is accommodating and commands...


Enjoy This Guilt-Free Recipe for Wild Rice Pilaf

If you want to make a tasty recipe with wild rice, consider this hearty wild rice pilaf with Brussels sprouts and carrots. Yum!

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