Should You Subscribe to Ellie? Monthly Subscription Box Review

Hate all of your workout clothes? Tired of looking like a homeless person when you go to the gym? Want to up your Instagram fitness game? Try Ellie!

Ellie: The Basics

Ellie is a monthly subscription box for activewear. For $39.95, you get three high-quality items – usually a pair of yoga pants, a shirt, and a sports bra. It’s far cheaper than other monthly subscription-based workout clothes packages, including Yoga Club (which costs $79 a month ) and Fabletics (which costs $49.95 a month).

Each month, you have your choice of different outfits to choose from. For my first month, I chose a collection called “First Impression,” which I thought was quite aptly named. It consisted of the Monica Sports Bra by Marika in size medium, the Steph Singlet by Balance in size medium, and the Abigail Capri by Balance in size medium. 

First subscription box from Ellie, a monthly activewear club.

I ordered my items on March 11, and it took until March 26 to arrive, which is kind of long. However, since it was shipping from California and I live in Pennsylvania, I’ll let it slide. Everything came in a sleek and shiny box, which might have been a bit of overkill considering there were just three items of clothing inside. However, it was a fun little treat when it was delivered.

The Ellie monthly subscription box

Right away, I was impressed with the leggings. They are cute and comfortable, with a soft, cottony feel. The tank is a little less impressive, as it feels lightweight and of a lower quality, especially the straps on the back. The bra also looked nice, but I fear it doesn’t fit me well, as my breasts don’t quite fill out the cups. Luckily, there is removable padding to compensate.

Me trying on my Ellie monthly subscription box outfit

If I don’t like the outfits available, it’s easy enough to skip paying for the month – I just have to sign in between the 1st and 4th and decline an outfit for the month. While a stylist does assign me an outfit, I can change it to whatever one I’d like best.

Pros of Ellie

  • Affordable monthly subscription box.
  • Decent brand names.
  • Good selection.
  • Ability to skip a month.

Cons of Ellie

  • A lot of waste in the packaging (though this is only an issue with the first box).
  • Some lower quality items.
  • Longer shipping times (but at least it’s free + after the first box, was much faster).

Yes, You Should Try the Ellie Monthly Subscription Box!

In the end, I’m super into my Ellie monthly subscription box. I’ve gotten a couple of outfits after this first box, and I’ve also skipped a couple of months. I love the freedom to be able to do what I want.

Have I inspired you to give it a try? I hope so! And when you use this special link to sign up, you’ll get 25% off your first box, bringing the total just under $30.

Kristy Snyder

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