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I am Kristy!

Just another twenty-something writer trying to make it in the blog business! Educated at Allegheny College, knowledgeable about English. Slightly less knowledgeable about German Language and Medieval and Renaissance Studies. I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, and have lived here most of my life except for my various meanderings across the globe. I am a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, but not really any other Pittsburgh sports, so get over it.

You know what I thought would be fun? If I did one of those ridiculous social media question surveys and posted it on here. It’s so nostalgic from the days of my youth!

What time are you starting this?: 1:23 PM
Name?: Kristy
Nicknames?: Kristy, Bringer of Death and Slayer of All That is Holy and Good
Date of birth?: June 30
Sex?: female
Height?: 5’8″
Eye color?: greenish
Where were you born?: Pittsburgh
Number of candles on your last birthday cake?: 26!
Pets?: Yes! I personally have a cat named Florimell. My parents have two dogs, Dakota and Molly!
Hair color?: Blondeish
Piercings?: My ears are pierced, but I never wear earrings because my ears are sensitive and they hurt.
Town you live in?: Bellevue, PA
Favorite foods?: Fries with cheese, pizza, pasta, chicken tenders, Chinese food
Ever been to Africa?: No – it would be interesting though!
Been toilet papering?: Ha… sadly I don’t think so.
Love someone so much it made you cry?: Nope!
Been in a car accident?: Does hitting a deer count?
Croutons or bacon bits?: Um… I guess croutons. But why not both? Or why not just full strips of bacon wrapped around croutons?
Favorite day of the week?: Saturday?
Favorite resturant?: This is hard. Um… I don’t know, I’m fat. It depends on what food I want. Let’s just go with Hofbrauhaus, because beer.
Favorite flower?: I don’t know, roses?
Favorite sport to watch?: Hockey! Duh. Followed closely by curling, naturally.
Favorite drink?: Water! Or… if you meant alcohol drink… probably something blue.
Favorite ice cream flavor?: Chocolate! Or any combination of chocolate/peanut butter/caramel.
Warner Bros. or Disney?: Disney I guess…
Favorite fast food restuarant?: Hmm… Moe’s maybe?
Carpet color in your bedroom?: Well, my apartment has hardwood floors πŸ™‚ But at my parents’ house, it’s blue!
Whom did you get your last email from?: Jim Massey – ETS Scoring Leader
Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?: Um… Amazon.com… because I can buy everything there.
What do you do most often when you are bored?: Watch Netflix or peruse the web.
Most annoying thing to say to me?: Depends on who you are and where we are. I hate stupid questions, though.
Bedtime?: My schedule varies a lot… let’s just say I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep, so maybe between 11 PM to 1 AM.
Favorite TV show?: Uhh… another tough one, this changes a lot depending on what I am watching. Game of Thrones is good I guess, not as good as the books though.
Last person you went out to dinner with?:: My mom!
Been out of country?: Yes…
Believe in magick?: Only magic, sorry.
Ford or Chevy?: I don’t care…
What are you listening to right now?: The incessant whirring buzz of my laptop fan.
Have you ever failed a grade?: No, sorry to disappoint.
If you have, what grade did you fail?: Non-applicable question is non-applicable.
Do you have a crush on someone?: I guess…
Do you have a bf/gf?: Yes…
If so, what is their name?: Drew…
How long have you been together?: So many questions, leave me alone!
What are you wearing right now?: A t-shirt! Scandalous!
Have you ever had a crush on any of your teachers?: Heh, I think that’s natural though, isn’t it?
Do you smoke?: No…
Do you drink?: Yes…
Are you ghetto?: Fo’ sho’
Are you a player?: Bring me all da hoes!
What are your favorite colors?: Blue!
What is your favorite animal?: I don’t know? Dolphin?
Do you have any birthmarks?: I mean, I have a lot of moles…
Who do you talk to most on the phone?: No one, really. Phone calls are so outdated…
Have you ever been slapped?: Yes πŸ™
Do you get online a lot?: Yes, it’s kind of my job!
Are you shy or outgoing?: More shy!
Do you shower?: No, never. What’s a shower?
Do you hate school?: No, I want to go back to get my masters in something.
Do you have a social life?: Nope. No friends. This is why I have a blog.
How easily do you trust people?: Not very easily I guess.
Do you have a secret people would be surprised knowing?: Well, there was that one time I killed 5 people and ate their brains… oops… guess it’s not a secret anymore…
Would you ever sky dive?: NO
Do you like to dance?: YES
Have you ever been out of state?: I went to Ohio once, does that count?
Do you like to travel?: YES
Have you ever been expelled from school?: Well, there was that one time I set the school one fire and locked everyone inside… but, nope.
Have you ever been suspended from school?: No
Do you want to get out of your hometown?: Not really, I like it here. I like travelling and living abroad, but this will always be my home base.
Are you spoiled?: Maybe…
Are you a brat?: Maybe…
Have you ever been dumped?: Yes!
Do you like snapple?: No…
Do you drink a lot of water?: I try to!
What toothpaste do you use?: What’s toothpaste?
Do you have a cell phone?: No πŸ™ I still use my beeper.
Do you have a curfew?: Yes, my cat gets really angry at me when I’m out of the house for longer than 1 minute.
Who do you look up to?: Tall people.
Are you a role model?: I try to be a good role model for my cat. She looks up to me!
Have you ever been to Six Flags or Cedar Point?: Yes, a loooong time ago.
What name brand do you wear the most?: I’m a nudist.
What kind of jewelry do you wear?: I make my own jewelry! Shameless self promotion: go to https://www.etsy.com/shop/MysticalEnigma to buy some!
What do you want pierced?: Nothing
Do you like takin pictures?: I like taking pictures…
Do you like gettin your picture taken?: I like getting my picture taken…
Do you have a tan?: No. I am a ghost in the night.
Do you get annoyed easily?: Yes!
Have you ever started a rumor?: That whole thing about Maria getting pregnant by Joe at an orgy and then giving birth to 234 children over the summer was totally real.
Do you have your own phone or phone line?: Yes…
Do you have your own pool?: Just my pool of infant tears. I bathe in it daily to replenish my youth.
Do you prefer boxers or briefs?: Um…
Do you have any siblings?: Yes.
What do you like most about your body?: It has two arms and two legs.
What do you like least about your body?: It doesn’t have wings and can’t breathe fire πŸ™
Do you ever wear shirts do show your belly?: Lol no. Too much beer belly.
What about cleavage?: I don’t really have much cleavage πŸ™
What is your screen name on AIM?: HA! iwritecreatively. HMU, homies
What is one of your bad qualilties?: I get bored with taking long surveys.
What is one of your good qualilties?: I get bored with taking long surveys.
If you were to die today, what would you do?: I would be dead.
If you had one last word to say to someone before you die, what would it b?: DIE!
Favorite band?: MUSE
Would you ever dye your hair red?: YES! I WANT TO BE A GINGER!
How many languages can you speak?: English fluently obviously. German, a little. Spanish and Czech, basically phrases.
What time are you finishing this?: 1:50 PM


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