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wing night at grotto bar 0

Wing Night at Grotto Bar and Grille

The Grotto Bar and Grille is one of my favorite local hangouts. It’s a complete dive, replete with the cliche dim lighting blurred through a smoky haze, sticky and ill-repaired booths, and a wide...

pittsburgh wing night 0

Wing Night at Birmingham Bridge Tavern

This review has been a long time coming. But better late than never, I suppose! Back in July, Drew and I journeyed to Birmingham Bridge Tavern in the Southside. I’d been hearing about their...

Spicy garlic wings from wing night at Hog's Head. 0

Wing Night at Hog’s Head

Yikes, I’m quite far behind on my wing night reviews. Today’s review is of the wings from Hog’s Head Bar and Grill. This place has been on my radar for a while, as it’s...

Butter garlic ranch wings from wing night at Michael's. 0

Wing Night at Michael’s Tavern

This post has been a bit delayed, but alas! Time for another wing night summary. A few weeks back (ok, almost a month), I was visiting my parents at their home in McDonald after...

hot garlic parmesan and teriyaki wings from wing night at highland bar 0

Wing Night at Highland Bar

It’s been a while since my last wing night in Pittsburgh post, and my last wing night in general. As it turns out, eating wings that frequently gets kind of boring and makes you...

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