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A journey across America. 0

Cross-Country Road Trip: An Introduction

The road stretches long before us, winding eternal in some places and stalwartly straight in others. Though I am not behind the wheel, the passenger seat in which I ride is accommodating and commands...


5 Interesting Points of Tennessee Culture

Tennessee is a state of diversity and inclusion, with a variety of races, religions, and cultures represented in its borders. It is also widely known for its cuisine and the important role it plays...

Fall in Canada trees and forest 1

5 Reasons to Visit Canada in the Fall

When most people think of Canada, they probably think of vast peaks and sprawling glacial landscapes. Few places allow for such fun-filled diversity as Canada; a place where you can start the day with...

things to do on your california bucket list including big sur 0

5 Things That Should Be on Your California Bucket List

California is a massive state, with myriad habitats ranging from blazing deserts to enchanted forests to cliff-lined beaches. Narrowing down where to go and what to see when you’re planning a visit to this...


Culture Shock: What to Expect When Coming Back from Thailand

It’s been about 36 hours now since I’ve returned home from my two and a half week trip to Thailand. Things went rather well, and I’ll have plenty more to say about it later....

backpack vacation 0

A Trip, But to Where?

My adventures through the world are continuing. I’m about to board a flight to Laguardia Airport, and from there I’ll connect to my final destination. This is kind of a big trip, so I’m...

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