My GhostPillow Review: What You Need to Know About This Spooky Bed Accessory

So, I’ve been having some troubles with neck pain while I sleep. I wake up every morning feeling stiff and sore – almost like I’ve been headbanging and rocking out all night. I do enough yoga and stretching to help alleviate it, but I wanted to try something to stop the pain at the source. That’s why I was super excited to try out the GhostPillow!

GhostPillow is a specially engineered Real-Time Cooling Pillow from GhostBed that’s supposed to keep your head supported while providing a soothing sleeping surface all night. The pillow also comes with a gel memory foam core to prevent the need for fluffing and flipping.

Additionally, the GhostPillow comes with a 101-Night Sleep Trial, so basically, you don’t have anything to worry about if it doesn’t magically transform you into a cloud or provide you with immortality. Plus, with free shipping and a five-year warranty, there’s really not much to lose.

So how did the GhostPillow feel? My GhostPillow review (and video) covers that!

Giving the GhostPillow a Try

Closeup of the GhostPillow cooling sleep pillow
The top of the ghost pillow features these honeycomb shapes with the GhostBed logo embroidered.

I decided to give the GhostPillow a three-night trial before formulating any opinion on it. After all, even the most comfortable pillow in the world has an adjustment period for your neck.

Right from the start, the GhostPillow felt soft and smooth to the touch – similar to any other memory foam pillow you may have encountered. It also felt cool, which, considering this is one of its main selling points, is probably a good thing.

Underside of the GhostPillow, featuring cool mesh fabric
The underside of the GhostPillow is a cooling mesh fabric.

Let me start by saying that this pillow gave me crazy dreams, in a good way I guess. I know I was joking about the “ghost” part of the name earlier… but seriously, it might have dead-raising properties. On three separate nights, I dreamt of dead people following me around. Considering the fact that I don’t usually dream, I’m calling this a positive. It meant that I was in a deep enough slumber that my brain could go crazy and whip up whatever fantasies it wanted.

That’s another thing I really liked about the GhostPillow – I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night. Usually, every small sound or rustle of the sheets stirs my slumber. The problem is especially bad in the early mornings, when light starts streaming through my windows and wakes me up an hour before my alarm is set to go off. No thanks.

Person sleeping in comfort with the GhostPillow
Look how sleepy and peaceful I look… the snoring and drooling started later.

I was surprised to find that when using the GhostPillow, I actually slept in until my alarm. There was no lying awake for an hour trying to fall back asleep but desperately counting the seconds until the annoying buzz shattered the silence. Rather, there was full-on sleep until it was time to get up – in short, a miracle!

GhostPillow Cons

My only complaint with the GhostPillow that it is a bit firm for me. I prefer a pillow where your head sinks into a luscious cushion, but the Ghost Pillow is more like your head is being lowered down into a grave. You eventually get to the cushiony earth below, but it takes a while for you to sink in.

GhostPillow Review: Final Thoughts

Shot of the GhostPillow sitting on a bed

To sum up my GhostPillow review, the GhostPillow was a delight for my head. I won’t say it cured my neck pain or anything drastic like that, but my neck does feel better when waking up in the morning. It feels great to sleep on, and I’m really glad it’s now a part of my nightly routine.

Have I convinced you to give the GhostPillow a try? If so, you can find it for sale on Amazon (it’s currently $17.40 off the retail price!), or you can get $200 off when you try out the whole GhostBed suite of products.

Kristy Snyder

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