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I taught English for Wattsenglish from September 2012 to June 2013. During that time, I grew to hate teaching, students, and the Czech Republic. Wattsenglish is simply a company that does not care about its teachers. If you have never heard of it, the organization is simply a brand/methodology that different schools can employ. The central organization does all the hiring, and then teachers are shuttled off to their various cities, which have their own individual managers. There are no overarching guidelines or standards for each school/city, meaning that a teacher working in one place could have an entirely different method of teaching/pay/hours than a teacher in another place, even though it’s all technically the same company.

After my experience, I really felt like raging, and began a series of blog posts meant to undermine the online reputation of Wattsenglish as well as warn potential teachers about what they are getting into. I’ve since decided to calm my rage and just let it go. It’s just not worth the fight and nurturing such anger isn’t good for the soul. However, if there are any future English teachers out there who would like to know more about my experience working for Wattsenglish, feel free to contact me! I’ll try to let you honestly know how it was working there without too much rage-induced bias.

Here’s my official Wattsenglish profile if you want to take a look! As you can see, they don’t have a very good teacher retention rate, as there are hundreds of former lecturers.


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  1. Becki says:


    I have an interview with Wattsenglish tomorrow morning and would very much appreciate your insight. Let me know if you’re available to answer a few questions. Thanks.

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