10 Things We Need to Learn in Dark Season Two

If you haven’t watched Dark season one, go do so now. It’s worth the trip into the somber, morbid world.

When you’re finished, you’ll be incredibly glad to learn that Netflix has already green lit Dark season two.

Thank goodness, because that would be quite the disappointing conclusion to the epic tale that’s only just beginning.

So as we patiently await Dark season two, it’s time to reflect on the burning questions in our minds. If Dark season two is going to be anywhere near as satisfying as the first iteration, it’s going to need to answer some of the following open-ended threads.

Who Is Noah?

Could Noah be Older Jonas in Dark season two?

Of course, Dark needs a villain, and so far, that’s definitely Noah. I think.

To be honest, we really have no idea who he is or what he is trying to do. It seems like he wants to cause chaos and is at the epicenter of the all the missing boys… but why? What’s really the point of it all?

Perhaps more puzzling is who Noah is. Chances are, it’s an older version of a character we already know. I know the Stranger revealed himself to be older Jonas, but I wonder if it was a lie. Noah looks much more similar to Jonas, at least with complexion and eye color. Plus, with Jonas’s troubled decent into all this time travel business, it wouldn’t surprise me if he went a bit evil in a few years.

Why Is Claudia Trying to Meddle so Much?

Towards the end of the season, we finally see the older version of one of the most important characters from the 80s – Claudia. She’s now an old woman who’s apparently been missing for 30 years.

Well… where did she go for 30 years? Was she in another time? If so, why?

And why is she trying to meddle so much in everything? She’s putting a lot of the pieces in motion for this whole mess to begin. It seems like she has some of what this whole mess is since she was in charge of the nuclear plant, so it’s strange that she’s assisting the cycle instead of trying to break it.

What Happened to Make the Future so Post-Apocalyptic?

Will Dark Season two be apocalyptic?

In episode 10 of season one of Dark, we finally get a look 30 years into the future, and it doesn’t look good.

It’s basically a wasteland straight out of any dystopian young adult novel. What happened?

Did the nuclear plant explode? Did a war break out? Is this wasteland spread over the entire earth, or just the small town of Winden?

Who Is that Guy with the Bloody Face?

Who is the bloody face in Dark on Netflix?

Maybe it’s just me having bad vision, but I really can’t tell who that guy with the bloody face is.

He first appears in episode one when all the teens are in the forest running away. Then he appears to Old Jonas again when he goes in the cave to use the time machine to end things.

Is he someone we’ve met before? He doesn’t look familiar, but he could be a younger/older version of someone.

Does Ulrich Stay in Jail Forever?

Ulrich is kind of a douchebag, but I do feel a little bad for him rotting away in a 1950s jail. Will he ever be freed?

I mean, he’s definitely guilty of trying to kill that kid, so I don’t imagine he’s going to be released. But maybe he’ll escape?

What’s with All the Toxic Waste Barrels from the Nuclear Power Plant?

Toxic waste barrels in Dark on Netflix

These barrels keep popping up throughout the story, but I’m just not sure of their significance. When Claudia originally sees them, she seems shocked. Then the Stranger sneaks into the trailer truck to break into one. It’s assumed he got the magic element there that makes the time machine work.

But where did the power plant get this? And why do they have it?

Why Did Michael Kill Himself?

Michael/Mikkel killing himself is seemingly what set this whole thing into motion. So why did he do it? Clearly, he had a reason that was more than just depression, especially since he (probably) knew that Jonas’s father killed himself in the future.

Will the Breast Cancer Thing Be Brought up Again?

Regina’s breast cancer reveal was kind of on the sly. If you weren’t paying much attention, you might have missed it. Will this be brought up again to become part of the story line, or will it vanish into thin air like the subplot in the cult film The Room?

What Does Noah Need Bartosz For?

Noah and Bartosz conversing in Dark

Noah seems to have quite a fascination with Bartosz – but why?

So far, Bartosz has been at the perimeter of the plot, not really playing a big role. What will his significance be in Dark season two?

What Happened When Old Jonas Used the Time Machine to Close the Loop?

Old Jonas was adamant about using the time machine to close the loop, but it doesn’t appeared to have done that.

Instead, it sent young Jonas into the future. Why did this happen?

And what happened with the rest of the world? Do the caves still function? Did anything really happen at all?

These are some of the biggest questions I have after watching Dark season one. Will Dark season two address them all? Probably not. But I hope it at least gets to a few.

What are your burning questions that you can’t wait to get answered?

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