Improve Your Sucky Phone Camera with the Enji Prime 5-in-1 Lens Kit

So, my phone camera sucks pretty bad. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, and it feels like it takes 1 MP photos. I was fed up with it, so I decided to try the Enji Prime 5-in-1 Lens Kit. I knew it wouldn’t magically make my camera D-SLR quality or anything, but I thought it might improve the quality of my pictures so that I could at least post them on Facebook without feeling ashamed.
The carrying case of the Enji Prime 5-in-1 Lens Kit
When I first got the case, I was impressed with its quality. It comes in a sturdy protective case with a carabiner that I could actually see using for travel. It’s not bulky and slips easily into a purse, or if you’re a man, you could just clip it on your pants.
All the accessories in the Enji Prime 5-in-1 Lens Kit
Upon opening the kit, you see that there are four lenses: a fisheye, a CPL, a macro, a wide angle, and a telephoto. The macro and wide angle are connected together, so you have to use the wide angle with the macro. However, if you just want to macro, you can unscrew it and add it on by itself.
The premise is quite simple. Pick the lens you want, then screw it onto the attachment device (basically, think chip clip). Once it’s secure, place it in front of your phone’s camera, and tah dah! Magic lens effects.

 The Enji Prime 5-in-1 Lens Kit clipped on a phone
My doubts were cured after I first tried the fisheye lens. It’s by far the most effective lens and produces a cool bubble effect. I included a picture so you can see the quality – it’s super fun for taking silly portraits and whatnot, but could also be good for artsy flower shots.

Photo of creepy man taken with Enji Prime 5-in-1 Lens Kit

The CPL lens was cool. Even just messing around inside, I could see the changes in color when I slid the lens around. I’ll have to try it outside to see the real effects.

The telephoto lens was also pretty great – It zoomed things in without making them super blurry like my phone does. I couldn’t count each individual pixel when I was focused in on an object across the room!

For me, the biggest disappointment was the wide angle lens. Maybe my camera just isn’t good enough to manage these, but I didn’t really notice any difference when I tried taking up photos. Maybe this is something I need to do outside to truly get results with.

Overall though, these are just a few small downfalls. I’m entirely pleased with the Enji Prime 5-in-1 Lens Kit, and I’d recommend it if your phone camera sucks like mine. I’m really excited to try it out, as it’s a great alternative to lugging around my giant digital camera.

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