My Pups at Bellevue Dog Park

So… yeah. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but my excuse is that I’ve been busy enjoying life. That, and wallowing in despair, oddly enough. Basically, I’m either too happy or too sad to post. Luckily, today I am in a nice in between, meaning that I can finally update!

In uninspiring news, I migrated my entire blog to a new web server today. My previous host, Arvixe, is possibly the worst hosting company ever. I would not recommend them to anyone, even though their prices are cheap. Unless you enjoy your site going offline for three days straight with no explanation as well as your data deleted. Anyway, not really worth a rant right now…

One of the fun things I have been doing in my silent interim is playing with my pups. In case you didn’t know, my parents (and by extension, me) have three beastly dogs: Molly, a rottweiler/doberman mix, Dakota, a Caucasian ovcharka/doberman mix, and Zoey, a mastiff and shepherd mix. Molly is around 14, Kota is around 5, and Zoey just turned 1 (My mom aptly decided that today, August 1, shall be declared her birthday, since we have no idea when she really popped out).

pups driving

From left to right – Kota, Zoey, and Molly!

As it turns out, Bellevue has a really nice dog park. It’s just a couple minutes down the road from me, so we decided to take our beastly gang down for some fun. Luckily, me, my mom, and Drew all went, so we could each control one monster. When we arrived at the Bellevue Dog Park, there weren’t too many other pups there yet, which was good because Molly and Kota have severe phobias of people (even though Kota weighs more than most people).

pups at bellevue dog park

Calm excitement, an oxymoron.

Since we had never explored the back area of the park, we decided to walk with our pups over there. The area actually includes several dog training obstacles, such as a tire to jump through, a wall to climb up and down, and even small tunnels to run through. At first, I didn’t think my pups would go for any of it, but then…

Wall climbing at the Bellevue dog park

Kota and Zoey doing the wall climb.

Kota loved it! Well… I’m not sure she loved it. But she was anxious/nervous enough that she would immediately climb the wall whenever we beckoned her. Zoey, on the other hand, didn’t really appreciate the wall much. She went on it, but then started acting derpy and backed down.

climbing the wall at bellevue dog park

Zoey, Kota, and me all chilling on the wall (as Zoey tries to push me off and escape).

After conquering the wall, Zoey ran off to find her own version of fun. And her version of fun involved chasing down every dog at the park and pestering them until they played with her. Oh, to be a puppy again! She is actually kind of fast for now, but I’m sure that will change as she loses all of her lil’ pup energy.

dog running at the bellevue dog park

Another important feature of the Bellevue Dog Park is the tiny pond. It’s down a slight hill, and not very big at all. However, after a bit of coaxing, we were able to convince our pups to wade around in it a bit. The refreshing water was cool and relaxing on their skin, and they were able to quench their thirst a little bit as well.

Dogs in the pond at Bellevue Dog Park

You’re probably wondering, what has Molly been doing this whole time? All I’ve seen are pictures of the other two? Well, Molly was off doing whatever Molly wanted to. She’s not much for playing, so she generally tries to avoid Kota and Zoey as much as possible. She’s also not a fan of water or toys, so really, she just walked around and sniffed. However, I definitely think she still enjoyed her serene adventure.

Older dog at Bellevue Dog Park

Overall, the pups greatly enjoyed their outing. In fact, the Bellevue Dog Park may now be one of their favorite places. I am sure we will have to take them back again sometime soon! It’s really the only chance young Zoey gets to run around and play with other dogs, since Molly and Kota are tired of her antics. I’ll close with this dramatic portrait of Dakota, because she loves staring off whimsically into the distance while I photograph her.

big dog at the bellevue dog park

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