Creating Halloween Costumes for Big Dogs: End Puppy Racism Today

The pattern my mom found for dogs. That's really cute and all, but my dog weighs 119 pounds more than you.

The original pattern. That’s cute and all, but my dog weighs 119 pounds more than you.

Having two monster dogs makes it hard to dress them up for special occasions. I don’t know if you have noticed, but all the dog costumes in stores are for midget, rat-sized dogs. This is incredibly offensive to my bigger pups, and if I was more into dog-activism, I would start organized protests about this clear doggy racism. (Luckily, the site DogProductPicker is helping with some of this racism by offering reviews of products for dogs of all sizes – beasts included.)

However, since I have better things to worry about, what this means was that we had to create our own Halloween costumes for big dogs. Luckily, my mom is good at sewing and can handle putting together a costume, even if it is for a hefty 120-pound demon and 65-pound midget. She was able to find a Simplicity SewSimple pattern for a dinosaur dog costume at Wal-Mart. It did come in “all sizes”, but the largest 17″ size was a good couple feet too small even for my “small” dog. That’s ok, because the pattern was simple enough that making the fabric longer and wider would do the job!


Each costume had glittery spikes on the top for added effect. I guess in the original pattern they weren’t supposed to be glittery, but I can’t fathom why anyone would want plain fleece spikes when they could have sparkly spikes! My dogs would have vetoed that for sure. We choose hot pink fabric for my beast dog, because she is so beastly and we wanted everyone to know she is actually a girl and not really a beast. My other dog is slender and petite, so she got neon green.

Halloween costume for big dogs

Molly, the “tiny” dog.

Halloween costume for big dogs

Dakota, the beast.

I believe we called Dakota a “Derposaurus,” which is a derpy new breed dedicated solely to her. Molly was something a little more sleek, like a Velociraptor. To compensate for her extra girth, my mom added an extra strap under the belly to hold in Dakota. She also added an extra neck tie for the hoods on both of the costumes, as they kind of came out a little weird.

As you look at these pictures, I also want to add that I saw this same exact costume available for toddlers as well. That’s a little creepy, is it not? I guess it could be cute if you had a small dog and a small child, but what if you made the costumes so well that you lost track of which one was which? Whatever.


“We hate our lives!”

Anyway, I hope I’ve inspired you to realize that Halloween costumes are not only for small dogs. They are possible for large dogs too. Just because your dog is a “giant” breed and weighs almost as much as you do does not mean he or she can’t have “fun” for the next holiday! We have already been considering costumes for next Halloween, and I think Dakota will be the Big Bad Wolf and Molly will be Little Red Riding Hood… won’t it be cute?

dogs can be dinosaurs too

Halloween Costumes for giant dogs

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