Knock-off Triangl Swimsuit by Cocoship

So, I kind of have a new obsession – ordering things off of Amazon. I’ve found a way to get products for free/at big discounts (don’t worry, I’ll blog about how to do this later), so I’ve kind of been shopping non-stop for days. Hey, it’s not my fault – I’m working 13 hour days so I have to entertain myself somehow!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to post my reviews of some of those products on here. That way, if you see anything you like, you too can order it off of Amazon!

My first product to review… is a swimsuit.

The knockoff Triangl suit I got on Amazon for $79 less than retail.

Yes, I know it’s crazy, ordering a swimsuit online. Let alone ordering a swimsuit from a place like Amazon that is filled with knock-off China goods. However, it was only $10 and boasted free returns through Amazon, so I thought I would take a chance.

When I came across these beautiful suits, I just couldn’t resist. I was happy to find out that it looks exactly like the pictures – that delectable, aqua teal and that bright, cheery orange.

Not only that, but the suit fits perfectly! I’m usually a M, 5’8″, 150 pounds, 34 B, so I went with the L (US size 6-8). Often, I have the problem of bottoms being too small and tops being too big, but everything seems pretty balanced. That in itself in amazing to me, considering these were China sizes.

triangl amazon swimsuittriangl amazon swimsuit

The only complaint I have (which could be a pretty big issue, depending on who you know) is that as soon as I put the top on, one of the straps ripped off completely. On the back of the top, there was a loop sewn in that you hook the strap on – this is what came undone. It looks as though it was just wasn’t sewn very well. Luckily, my mom is pretty handy on a sewing machine, so she can easily sew the loop back into place. Even if she couldn’t, the straps are made to be removable, but I really prefer having straps. Everything else on the suit seems well constructed, though, so hopefully that was just a faulty seam.

It was only after buying that I realized this was a knock-off of a brand called Triangl. I had never heard of this brand before, so I just did a quick search to find out about it… turns out a real suit costs $89! Yikes. I would never pay that much for a suit. $10 is much more my style. Plus, the one I have looks just like its real counterpart. I have no complaints.

triangl swimsuit on amazon

The original Triangl swimsuit… they look exactly the same!

I’m really tempted to buy another one in a different color… thoughts? Want to own your own? Just click below!

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