Caldf the Movie

Hi all! I’ve decided to try blogging again. For once, I actually have motivation to do something, so it’s best to channel that energy before it disappears! I’ve updated my blog’s layout, now it doesn’t suck as much. Since that took most of the evening, I won’t make an actual post now. However, I will leave you with something very… entertaining… to watch.

This is a lovely little project I did for the stupidest class ever, Web Audio and Video at CCAC. I knew how to record sound and edit movies in Windows Movie Maker since I was like 10 years old… so it was something of a joke. Anyway, since I learned nothing and didn’t really care, I decided to do something “fun” for my final project. Here is the result.

I wrote this screenplay years ago and had to revamp it a bit so I could film it all in my apartment. If only Windows Movie Maker didn’t keep pooping and ruin all of the brilliantly placed transitions and sound effects. In spite of that, I think it turned out quite nicely. And so did my teacher. To answer your burning question… yes, I did get an A. Woo! Thanks to Drew for embarrassing himself and playing Caldf. And thanks to my cat, Florimell, for gracing us with her cameo (bonus points if you spot her).

Watch the CCAC Masterpiece!

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