A Venture into Pink

When tedium sets in and I can’t take it anymore, I do something drastic. The Dark Passenger won’t let me rest until my urge is satiated. Killing people has been something I always – Oops, sorry, that belongs in my personal blog. Anyways, what I meant to say was that I did something else drastic yesterday – gave myself pink hair. Unfortunately though, it didn’t turn out to be that drastic.

the fifth element leeloo costume

I really just wanted an excuse to post this picture.

It so happened that after my class yesterday, I passed a little drugstore that actually had funky colored hair dye on sale. Now, this being Europe, the home of funky hair color, you would think the stores would have a limitless supply of purple, blue, pink, and green tones in stock. However, this was actually the first time I saw an unnatural color. And even better, it was the kind you didn’t need to use bleach with first. Needless to say, I bought that lone hair dye immediately. The color was pink – not my favorite of hues, but it looks good with my pale skin and it was either that or red (which I am a bit tired of at this point).Though, for someone who has had neon orange hair, teal hair, pink hair, red hair, and maybe some other color hair that I forgot about, pink hair again isn’t really that drastic. Maybe my next hair post will detail all of my previous hair adventures, like a hair rainbow of sorts.

Anyway, let’s begin.

The “Advantage Contrast” dye came from a company called Vellie Cosmetics. Unfortunately, all of the instructions were in Czech and Slovak, so I couldn’t read most of it. I had a general idea how to do it, as hair dye isn’t really that complicated, especially when there are only two things in the box. But I translated out the directions just to make sure there wasn’t any crazy stipulations, like if you leave the dye on your head for more than five minutes, a dragon will come and set your hair on fire.

As you can see, the suggested hair results look pretty vibrant and exciting! Even the mixed up dye holds a sweet promise.

pink hair dyeing craziness

No, the aliens didn’t have a message for you.

what pink hair looks like

Pinkness makes me excited.

I actually tried to do it the right way, highlighting segments of my hair and then rolling it up in foil and stuff. It was a pain, but I must say it did help keep the dye from getting all over my hair, like what happened last time with the red. I waited the suggested 30 minutes, and then unfurled the foil to find awesome pinkness had occurred!

I quickly washed my hair, eager to see how it looked… and was abruptly disappointed. The pink was there… but certainly not like on the box. Moral of the story, I think I have to wait and let my hair be dirtier before doing this again. I had just washed it the day before, and dye supposedly works better on dirty hair. Perhaps my next hair adventure will be more fruitful.

Now, what you’ve been awaiting… the results!

This is my hair before dyeing it.

BEFORE: Poop hair.

pink hair in the sunlight

AFTER: In the sunlight = not as cool.

pink hair dye results

AFTER: Slightly more pastel pink hair!

Pink hair from the back

AFTER: From the back.

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