3 Day Trips from Los Angeles

It’s no secret that Los Angeles, California, is a huge metropolis. The city itself comprises 469 square miles and nearly 4 million people. Rather than hit up the most common tourist spots and deal with traffic and selfies, why not visit something a little off the beaten path to avoid the rush? Try some of these day trips from Los Angeles to escape the hustle and bustle while still having a good time on your trip.

Zen and Relaxation at Whittier Narrows Recreation Area

Feel like getting in touch with nature? If so, you’ll love a day trip to the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area. Open sunrise to sunset, this 1,492-acre green space is one of the biggest recreation areas in all of Los Angeles County. The park is replete with amenities, from barbecues to baseball fields to boat rentals. Catch a show at one of the numerous outdoor stages, or hit the water with your loved ones in a paddle boat rental. You can even take advantage of horseback riding, museum tours, and skeet shooting.

If you don’t feel like heading back into the chaotic main part of town after your day bonding with the outdoors, consider spending the night at a Montebello, California, hotel. This quaint neighborhood is just under 20 minutes from downtown but far calmer.

Grit and Determination at Mt. San Antonio

Mt. San Antonio day trips from los angeles

Image via Flickr by dsearls

Seeking an excursion that will get your blood pumping? Consider making the trek to Mt. San Antonio, a 10,064-foot-tall mountain that soars over the Southern California landscape. It’s just an hour from Los Angeles, making it the perfect getaway from honking cars and masses of people. Once you get to this natural retreat, there are plenty of trails you can peruse to explore the peaks. 

One popular route involves starting at the Manker Flats trailhead and heading along Baldy Notch until you reach the Devil’s Backbone, which will take you to the summit. Heading back down, you’ll take the Baldy Bowl trail until you get back to Manker Flats. This journey is a total of 10.2 miles and takes about seven hours with a 3,900-foot elevation gain, so be sure to pack enough food and water for the day.

Exploration and Indulgence at Ojai

Not really a fan of the outdoors? Ojai makes a nice compromise. The word translates to “nest” in the local language, and such a name couldn’t be more appropriate. Set back 15 miles from the coast, Ojai is a small but popular retreat village, offering quiet and bliss for those seeking to go off the grid. And at just under an hour and a half from Los Angeles, it’s an easy road trip you can take when the city becomes too much.

Grab a brew at one of the several local taprooms, indulge in the local pixie crop during the spring, or even check out the beekeeping culture to learn how important these tiny insects are. Anything is possible in Ojai.

These are just three of the myriad destinations you can visit outside of the Los Angeles city borders. Plan your own itinerary to find a trip to your liking.

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