How to Have Your Own Paint Night

Paint nights are fun. However, going out to a paint night location and paying $40+ for a standard canvas and cheap paint is not so fun. Therefore, I decided to host my own paint night in order to save money. It’s really not hard as long as you have minimal artistic talent to work with (such as at least one hand and one eye).

The Steps for Learning How to Have Your Own Paint Night

1. Get alcohol – lots of alcohol

And by lots of alcohol, I mean A LOT. All the alcohol. For example, here is a picture of all the stuff we drank that is definitely not Photoshopped.

how to have your own paint night

I mean it when I say it wasn’t Photoshopped – my computer is broken so I had to use a crappy website, sorry 🙁

2. Get the supplies you need

And luckily, you don’t really need a lot, other than alcohol. Well, I guess you need paints and brushes and canvases, or something like that. Here’s a list:

That’s basically it, but if you want to get really fancy and have cash to burn, you can add these things too:

  • Palette knife (use this for mixing your colors) – 
  • Paint tray (for holding and mixing your paints) – 
  • Paint apron (if you’re feeling particularly artsy) – 
  • Brush cleaner (water and soap should work fine, but this stuff is the best) – 

Want to add all of this to your cart? Here are all of these items conveniently on one page on this Amazon Shopping List.

3. Find a picture to paint

Perhaps the most difficult part of the evening. Going to a class has the benefit of forcing you to paint whatever the theme of the night is. Going it solo gives you options… limitless options. It can be scary. At this point, you might just drown yourself in alcohol and forget about painting, which is also an option. Luckily, we were able to pull through and we picked out this cute looking octopus demon about to nom on a poor diver guy.

how to have your own paint night4. Sketch the picture

I don’t know, just grab a pencil and sketch the picture on the canvas. Does this even need to be a step? Are you all that stupid?

5. Paint

Finally, you’re ready. Grab your brushes and paints, and get started. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, because it’s a work of art!

how to host your own painting party

If you get done and find that it’s the worst creation ever to have been done by a human being, just say it’s abstract modern art. Then it suddenly might be worth millions of dollars. Don’t believe me? Just go to a museum sometime. Luckily (or perhaps unluckily), I think our pictures turned out pretty well, so we can’t call them abstract and cash in.

hosting your own paint night

Look how happy Drew is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More alcohol, please.

As you can see, figuring out how to have your own paint night isn’t hard, and it can save you a lot of money that you can spend on alcohol instead.

Kristy Snyder

I'm a creative and quirky woman just looking to make her mark on the world. Writer, thinker, crafter, doer. Loves playing ice hockey and curling up with a good book. Traveling is a foremost passion and the road is always calling. Above all, I try to be an enjoyer of life.

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