Give Me Just One Night…

Prague nightlife has sort of been evasive to me these past nine months. Whether it was because of the generally bad weather, the hour and 45 minute journey by train, or the lack of a place to stay, I just didn’t go to Prague much. I am kind of regretful about this, but I have a couple more weekends to rectify this mistake.I began my quest for rectification this past weekend. Jana has a sister who lives in Prague who graciously offered to let us stay in her apartment! It was in a communist block of flats, which look a bit dreary from the outside, but are actually quite comfortable inside. The apartment was spacious and open, and Ari and I got to have a bedroom to ourselves.
We began our night of Prague nightlife by getting some Chinese food, as we were all starving because we left HK before we could get some dinner. I had a yummy meal of chicken fried rice, and topped it off with a couple beers. Jana’s friend from TEFL training, Mason, joined us after a while, and then we headed out to a new bar called Bar No. 7. Known for its expatriate feel, we met a mix of English speakers among the crowd, and had a nice time mingling with these new faces.

This photo of Propanda Bar is courtesy of PragueTV.

After Bar No. 7, we headed to another place with a more lively feel known as Vodka Bar Propaganda. It was a crazy underground establishment with large cavernous rooms that seemed to extend like catacombs throughout the earth. We settled into a table with some more of Jana’s friends that was in the room next to the stage/dance floor area, and got out drink on. I accidentally ordered a beer from the wrong bar, as it came in a bottle and was small. Well, it was average size – American size. I’m just used to chugging half liter brews.

We stayed here a while, but then the bar started to die down, and the bartenders were putting chairs up on the tables around us, so it seemed time to leave. Ari was starting to get her usual french fry craving, and they certainly sounded good to me as well, so we stopped at a KFC on the way to our next party area. Luckily, the next bar we headed into was literally around the corner. After a bit of intensive Googling, I have determined that this bar was called Vagon.

It was a very crowded and hopping place, and had more of a rocker vibe than our last establishments. The beer was served in plastic cups and people were shoving us around. It almost felt like home.

My water-speckled photo of the church.

We didn’t last here very long, and even though the party was still going, we decided to head out. Leaving Mason behind, we headed onto a tram so we could get to the metro stop we needed. A couple of Czech guys started an interesting conversation with us, and were hitting on Jana hardcore. But we did make it to the metro, and even made it back to the flat. The time was 5 AM. We had officially stayed out all night and welcomed in the sunrise on our walk home. Quest to discover Prague nightlife = successful.

The next day was just kind of poopy. We woke up later, obviously, and while I felt fine, the weather outside was not. It was a steady and persistent downpour paired with abnormally cool temperatures. Ari and I tried to go visit Vyšehrad, which is an old fort/castle/church/garden complex in Prague, and we did make it around the complex into the church, but it was just terrible. We left shortly afterwards to go to Flora and get Bubble Tea and some pizza and soup to warm up.

We had originally thought we might stay another night at the apartment and do a little more partying, since Jana’s sister had offered it to us for the whole weekend. However, we were simply too water-logged and frozen to walk around outside all night. We headed home late, and turned in early for the night. It was a good thing we did head back that night, as the next day all of Prague got flooded and died, and we would have had a difficult time getting to the train station with all the metro closures.

Kristy Snyder

I'm a creative and quirky woman just looking to make her mark on the world. Writer, thinker, crafter, doer. Loves playing ice hockey and curling up with a good book. Traveling is a foremost passion and the road is always calling. Above all, I try to be an enjoyer of life.

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