NaNoWriMo 2012 – Nathaniel’s Return

It’s that time of year again – NaNoWriMo. And even though I’m in the Czech Republic, stressing my brains out because of living arrangements, teachers quitting, and schedule changes, I am still managing to do a pretty awesome job. I’m right on track with my word count (dare I even say – ahead?), and I believe that so far it doesn’t entirely suck.

The project I decided to focus on was a sequel to my original novel, Indigo. I had been loosely considering the plot for this story as well as a third story ever since I started writing the first one. I really, really, REALLY need to get started on editing Indigo, so I can get it out to agents and get it published. And since I didn’t have any other concrete ideas that spoke to me, I decided it would be best to work on the sequel – that way I can get at least a two book publishing deal 🙂

For those of you that are slow and haven’t caught on, here is the summary of the plot of Indigo (really, hold on to your seats. This is some crazy stuff.):

A cheesy cover I made for fun… I have a better one somewhere but I have no clue where I saved it.
Miranda is a not-so-normal girl stuck in an average world. She knows she is different, she knows she doesn’t fit in. She loathes the world and all it’s people for their complete lack of overall understanding and inability to see past their own selfish desires. Working at Kmart only adds to this depression. But then, in a wisp of destiny, one of her customers shows her more than she could have ever dreamed… Nathaniel, a shapeshifter, takes her away from her pain and shows her that difference is to be celebrated. And that love is all powerful. And it is all that is needed to change the world. He shows her the way of the indigo children.
But with this new identity as an indigo child comes trouble from an ancient past – malevolent spirits seeking to spread their hatred across time. Miranda must travel through the universe to cease their violent attacks, all while preserving her new found love and uncovering the secrets of her own past.
Well, that’s the main gist. I could have made it sound more intriguing, because it is freaking action-packed. But it will do for now.
The sequel centers on Miranda’s efforts to gather an army together to face the oncoming battle of light and darkness. She is the leader, and must show the world the correct path to enlightenment. But of course, struggles occur along the way – I’m still figuring out exactly what that entails. But I’m about halfway to the finish line (21,645 words of 50,000), which is good news. The story won’t be done at 50,000, but for all intensive purposes of this month, that is perfect.
Anyway, I kind of thought I could post little teaser segments of what I am currently writing. It would be a way to get people interested as well as provide those who follow my adventures with a little insight into what is happening. So, without further ado, here is the passage I am working on now:
Setting the Scene: Miranda has just found the group of indigos she had been trying to assemble, and is overjoyed. She runs back to the car to tell Anthony, her trusty companion and fellow indigo. However, when she arrives, things are not as they seem…
With my hurried steps, I arrived at the car in just a few seconds. I could see Anthony, still sitting behind the wheel, eyes unfocused at some dark place in the forest.
“Anthony!” I scream-whispered, hoping to catch his attention. His gaze remained stagnant.
I reached his door and flung it open. Anthony was oddly still, not even reacting to my presence. Oh no, was he?
I saw his chest rise and fall in the steady rhythm of breath, which gave me relief. But then, that must mean something more sinister was at play…
“Anthony, wake up!” I yelled, and reached to give him a shove. I grasped his exposed shoulder and began throttling him. But as I did, a current ran through me, as though I had been jolted with a stimulating electrical vibe. I released him instantly as my mind received flashes of white robed scholars, lilac blooms twirling like marionettes in the summer exhale of the wind, a bright blue sky unobstructed…
“Nathaniel,” I whispered, falling back against the open car door.
Suddenly, Anthony stirred, eyes blinking rapidly, as if they had not seen for some time, as if it had been months since he had opened them to the world. It had been, I knew. Then, after regaining his composure, he cocked his head to look at me. Any doubt I may have had that this truly was Nathaniel evaporated as he stared at me, that same beautiful stare that I would recognize across the universe. He was here.
“Miranda… my god, you are so much more beautiful in person.”
“I would say the same about you… but, you’re not really yourself, are you?”
“No, I suppose not.” As much as I wanted to embrace him immediately, I was still conscious that this was Anthony’s body. Mauling him would  be mauling Anthony… and that would just be wrong. Wouldn’t it?

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