The Beginning…

It’s been a while. Let me explain.

I became caught up in my job. It took over my life. The hideously repetitive fashion of waking up every morning and returning to the minuscule abyss that was my cubicle consumed my every thought and desire. I hated my job, but it followed me always, like a stalker in a deserted alleyway on a dark and dreary evening. Every day after I finally got home from hours of sending emails, sorting files, printing papers, updating Excel spreadsheets, I was too exhausted to do anything but collapse into a weary pile on the couch and wait for it to happen the next day. I needed relief. I was quickly losing myself and all that I am into a vehemently ravenous black hole that threatened to devour every last vestige of my sanity. Well. I couldn’t let that happen. So…

I moved to the Czech Republic. And here I am, teaching English in a cozy little town called Hradec Kralove, about an hour and fifteen minutes from Prague. It’s been a journey so far, one that I will have to create in more detail later. I got a job with a company called Wattsenglish, and I teach mostly primary school children who are varying levels of English. I’ve been here since the beginning of September (wow, almost a month!) and I am looking forward to the months to come. The first few weeks have been very chaotic, unorganized, and at times almost as hectic as my old job at GNC. However, without a doubt, from the very bottom of my soul, I can say that I have been more happy these past few weeks than I ever was or could have been at GNC. The freedom of being released from my chains is ever present. Corporate workplace, you are not for me. Adventure, on the other hand… we were made to be together.

Stay tuned for a detailed description of my adventures, including my travels across Europe and my warnings for those who want to teach English abroad.

Kristy Snyder

I'm a creative and quirky woman just looking to make her mark on the world. Writer, thinker, crafter, doer. Loves playing ice hockey and curling up with a good book. Traveling is a foremost passion and the road is always calling. Above all, I try to be an enjoyer of life.

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