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Deluded Review – The Girl on the Train

About the Book The Girl on the Train Written by Paula Hawkins 336 pages Published January 1st 2014 From Goodreads: Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning. Every day she stops at the signal...

Florimell the cat meows a lot 0

I Am Florimell the Cat. Hear Me Meow!

Florimell the cat loves to meow for attention, sometimes for hours on end. It’s one of her favorite pastimes. It’s a close second to sleep. Her meows are so ferocious that they actually helped...

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How to Tie Dye: Battlefrog T-Shirts

When I was thinking of shirts for Drew and I to wear for Battlefrog, tie dye instantly came to mind. Since the word “frog” is in the name, I knew I wanted to do...

Butter garlic ranch wings from wing night at Michael's. 0

Wing Night at Michael’s Tavern

This post has been a bit delayed, but alas! Time for another wing night summary. A few weeks back (ok, almost a month), I was visiting my parents at their home in McDonald after...

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