Monthly Archive: May 2013


Ways Wattsenglish Has Wronged Me #2

Throughout the past few months, I have been collecting evidence against my employer, Wattsenglish, to show ways in which they have misled and downright lied to me about terms of employment, living arrangements, job...


A Video about my Old Videos

I’m trying something a little different today. I used to make some stupid vlogs, but the stipulation was that I always had to be driving. Now that I’ve sold my car and live in...


Dance Performance Pens Fan in Vrchlabi, Czech Republic?

In the middle of a public dance performance in the middle of the mountain city of Vrchlabi in the middle of the Czech Republic… I saw this guy with a Pens cap on. Picture...

burning of the witch czech republic 0

Witches’ Night

For some reason, the Czech Republic actually has a holiday devoted to burning witches on the night of April 31-May 1… Witches’ Night. Even more crazy, it is a public holiday. Still crazier, the...


The End is a New Beginning

My dedicated blogfans may be wondering exactly when my little journey here in the Czech Republic is over. I talk about the end enough, but I don’t think I have ever mentioned the exact...


Majáles 2013

It is always interesting to experience new aspects of Czech culture. One interesting aspect I was able to observe this weekend was Majáles, a music festival held right here in Hradec Kralove. Translated literally,...

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